Busybody opens in the BOA Festival!

The Contra Costa Times’ Pat Craig reviews the opening night of Busybody:

Festival showcases Bay Area playwrights
Pat Craig

With no identifiable theme, a fierce sense of vision and a banquet of ideas, the Bay One Acts (BOA) Festival, returned to San Francisco’s Eureka Theatre Thursday with its familiar eclectic sensibility in full flower. The quartet of plays in Program One of the festival includes offerings ranging from fantasy to farce to painfully brutal realism. This set will play through March 2, followed by another four plays from March 9-16.

BOA presents original works from Bay Area playwrights, as it has for the past six years that gives a fascinating glimpse into what is on the minds of local writers.


“Busybody,” by Patricia Milton is a disturbing little slice of life that teaches, quite graphically, eavesdropping can be dangerous.

Caroline Altman directs the short play that has what appears to be a pleasant disagreement between two mothers, Laura and Missy (Laura Jane Coles and Heidi Wolff) escalate into a life or death battle with overtones of torture.

It’s a chilling little tale designed for maximum emotional discomfort.


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