Roswell’s Alien Amusement Park Opens Next Year

My play “Solving Sunflowers” revolves around the struggle of a young widow to stop a development that may threaten an endangered plant, New Mexico’s Puzzle Sunflower.

Well, the real development continues down in Roswell, I have learned. Gotta love the disdain for California, which figures in my play, too:

Bryan Temmer, the President and Founder of Alien Apex Resort, has explained that the park sprung out of an idea for an alien abduction roller coaster ride, and spawned into something far greater. Bryan has explained that the “flagship attraction will be a highly themed alien abduction indoor roller coaster. The ride promises to set a new standard for indoor roller coaster attractions. My hope is to break at least 3 world records with this ride.”

The park will feature far more than a single coaster, as it is also planned to have a nightly feature that connects visitors with the Roswell story. Move over Mickey’s parade, this is way better. Every evening, the park will re enact the famed UFO crash of 1947 with a multi-sensory celebration of fireworks, effects and music called The Symbiosis. If this doesn’t excite you, maybe you should stay at your overpriced California park.


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