A new play underway: BELIEVERS

Took a great workshop yesterday with Suze Allen. I am refining the premise and plot of my pharmaceutical/religion play, and I am getting close to having enough to write a first draft. The protagonist (either Win or Max) is developing a love vaccine, when the company is slapped with a giant lawsuit that may shut down the project – and the lab itself. Of course the conceit of a love vaccine offers a lot of comic promise!

Estranged lovers work on drug development. The company merges with a church in order to circumvent legal issues that threaten it. The apocalypse threatens.

FYI, the love vaccine is not just a fantasy:

It’s possible to fall in love with someone just because you had sex with them, because with orgasm you get a flood of oxytocin and vasopressin that can cause you to feel attached to the person. Casual sex is not always casual. Someone might be happy, with a lovely wife or husband, and then this brain system for romantic love or attachment is triggered by someone totally inappropriate. You acquire all the characteristics of an addict. You come obsessed; you distort reality; you do dangerous things; you crave the person, you have withdrawal symptoms.

This is going to be fun!


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