Reading August 17: Not Without Our Women

Not Without Our Women will have a reading on Monday, August 17, 2009 beginning at 7 p.m. at the San Francisco Community Music Center Concert Hall, 544 Capp Street.

In the mid 1800’s, the radical idea that women might vote, hold public office, or own property was unthinkable.  This new musical, based upon real people and events, explores what happened when the territory of Wyoming instituted woman suffrage, attracting independent women to the wild frontier.

The inevitable collision of old expectations and beliefs with the irresistible forward movement of human progress affects a whole community, the territory, and eventually, the nation.

Whatever the century, the path to equality is fraught with obstacles. . .and blessed with pioneers.

There will be an audience talkback following the reading.
Refreshments will be served.
Donations welcome.

Parking:  New Mission Bartlett Garage, 21st  Street between Mission and Valencia; MUNI: lines 14, 33, 49; BART: 16th St. or 24th Street.

Our Fantastic Cast: 

Abigail Bardette:  Sarah Farrell 
Leah Cohen:  Jeanette Manor
Beau Montgomery:  Aaron Wilton
Benjamin Sheeks:  Bill Fahrner 
William Bright:  Cameron Weston
Julia Bright:  Joy Lian
Esther Morris:  Darlene Popovic

Earl Johnson:  Tom Orr
Charlie Johnson:  Dann Howard
Golden Feather:  Dyan McBride
Thomas Jefferson Howard:  Brian Yates Sharber

Clancy:  Brian Vouglas
Farley: Charles Evans
Brett:  Steve Rhyne

Sarah Bardette:   Mairin Lee 
Pandora:    Cara Burgoyne
Flossie:   Shelley Johnson
Eve Winthrop:  Rebecca Pingree

Representative Carey:  Brian Vouglas
House Committee Chair:  Dennis O’Brien

Delegate 1:  Dennis O’Brien
Delegate 2: Charles Evans
Delegate 3:  Steve Rhyne


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