Ten Commandments of Storytelling


Actually, these are the Ten Commandments of Screenwriting from the book, SECRETS OF THE SCREEN TRADE by Allen B. Ury. He is writing about having a successful, sale-able screenplay, which explains why #5 and probably #10 are a “huh?” for playwriting.

1. Thou shall have a sympathetic hero.
2. Thou shalt not have a weak antagonist.
3. Thou shall tell thy story from a single point of view.
4. Thou shall have a clear beginning, middle and end.
5. Thou shall make thy hero American or European.
6. Thou shall have an active hero.
7. Thy hero shall undergo change.
8. Thy story shall have a “Wow Factor.”
9. Thy first act shalt not occupy more than the first quarter of thy script.
10. Thou shall have a happy ending.

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