“Not Without Our Women” reading next week


132 W. State St.
Athens, OH

Sunday, March 13, 7 pm. Free.

A new musical.
Book by Andrew Black and Patricia Milton, Music by Caroline Altman, Lyrics by Altman/Black/Milton

Inspired by real people and events that led the State of Wyoming to affirm woman suffrage — fully forty years before the United States allowed women to vote or hold public office.

This musical play “Not Without Our Women” tells the story of a critical episode in the development of equal rights for women in the United …States. It is a little-known historical fact that US women were first given the right to vote and hold public office in the territory of Wyoming in 1869. This took place a full 50 years before voting rights were granted to US women nationwide! The struggle for what was called “woman suffrage” continued in the territory over twenty years, and when Wyoming was admitted to the United States in 1890, the struggle began anew. The title comes from the apocryphal story about what happened when the US Congress demanded that Wyoming abandon woman suffrage as a condition of statehood. The Wyoming frontier legislature debated, then shot off a terse telegram, responding “Not Without Our Women.”

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