My program note for “Reduction In Force”

“Too many of these (financial) institutions acted recklessly, taking on too much risk, with too little capital, and with too much dependence on short-term funding. . . Like Icarus, they never feared flying ever closer to the sun.”
~Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report, February 2011

“Non-criminologists frequently have difficulty believing that fraud can become common within an industry. They often believe that fraud can only arise among ‘a few rotten apples.’ This view is naïve.” ~William Black, white-collar criminologist and former regulator

“Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence.” ~Mason Cooley, U.S. author and aphorist

We are weathering a human-made economic catastrophe that finds 14 million of our fellow citizens out of work. U.S. income inequality is now on a par with Uganda’s. The federal government has pursued just one major indictment linked to the financial crisis, signaling it regards the heads of our financial institutions “too big” (or too cozy) to jail. We’ve witnessed dramatic protests around the world (in Spain, the U.K., Greece, and Wisconsin) in response to draconian austerity measures brought against ordinary people. Meanwhile, the companies that created the disaster enjoy record profits, and defy regulation. It is against this backdrop that “Reduction in Force” unfolds.

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