Lovely Reviews for “Reduction in Force” at Central Works

I have a pet peeve about spoilers, and the lovely reviews we are getting for “Reduction in Force” at Central Works, alas, are loaded with them. If you plan to attend and want to enjoy some devious and devilish plot twists, don’t read them!

SF Examiner. “Gary Graves directs the top-notch ensemble with impeccable timing, drawing hilarious, deeply committed performances from all three actors. Graves and cast know that there’s nothing as funny as people trying in all seriousness to navigate through an insane environment, and they never waver in their focus.

Milton wrote the timely script according to Central Works’ established collaborative method — that is, along with the director, cast and in this case also Michaela Goldhaber and Gregory Scharpen. When the method works, as it does here, the results are impressive.” ~Jean Schiffman

George Heymont at the Huffington Post gives a blow-by-blow rundown, and wrecks quite a few of the wittiest pieces of dialogue. Yet, he loves it. Go know.

“Revenge may indeed be a dish that is best served cold, but watching these three quick thinkers desperately juggling power like a hot potato is vastly entertaining. Reduction in Force is that all-too-rare theatrical bird: an intelligent, fast-moving farce about high-risk dysfunctional behavior in the nation’s most precarious financial markets.

For anyone who has played the stock market, lost money in the stock market, or hates the people who specialize in manipulating the stock market, this show is not to be missed.” ~George Heymont, Huffington Post


Gabby Deed (Kendra Lee Oberhauser) is a ruthless, narcissistic wealth manager in Patricia Milton’s new play, Reduction in Force (Photo by: Jay Yamada)

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