Thinking about Occupy Wall Street

It’s been very interesting coming off the Central Works premiere of “Reduction in Force” and experiencing the very real force of “Occupy Wall Street.”

While “Reduction” turns out to have been quite prescient, that’s because I incorporated extensive research into the play. For example, we read about The Indignant Ones of Spain: a model for #OWS. The team looked at a “Robin Hood” video showing Ohio protestors storming the moat around a Chase Bank building where a shareholders meeting was underway. (That Chase campus is the model for Icarus Financial Services, which also has a moat, by the way.) Wisconsin’s capital protest was also a preview of Occupy Wall Street. We discussed all of these incidents in the early months of 2011.

During the run of the play there were riots in and around London, not to mention a Category 3 hurricane, both of which figure in the play. So rather than being predictive, we were just paying attention. (The artist’s job, after all.)

It does my heart good to see Occupy Wall Street, which I support wholeheartedly, taking the route that Anita and her sons take in “Reduction in Force.” And to think some people called the play “a fantasy” that “could never happen,” and insisted nothing can change.

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