Strange Bedfellows World Premiere

Strange Bedfellows, which I co-wrote with Andrew Black, and which was inspired by “The Front Page,” by Ben Hecht, will receive its world premiere next August (2012).  Appropriately, the venue is Santa Ana (Orange County) CA. I’m delighted that Theatre Out is producing this hilarious play. It features a few of my favorite characters, including Fern Mulligan, an escaped husband-murderer.


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6 responses to “Strange Bedfellows World Premiere

  1. Kelly

    I’d love to read the play and go audition. Is there a way to get ahold of a copy. Internet search gives me nothing…

  2. laura f.

    where can one purchase a copy of your play strange bedfellows


    • Hi Laura!
      I’m afraid it’s not published yet: often a play doesn’t get published until after its first production. I hope it might be after September! Thank you for asking, -Patricia

  3. laura f.

    wow, how outstanding with such a quick response. Wish you continued success. Can you share a brief character breakdown, ages of the women’s roles in strange bedfellows, or direct me to a link with some more info about your play.

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