Reduction in Force

REDUCTION IN FORCE, a Central Works Method Play, opened July 30, 2011 and played through August 28, 2011 at the Berkeley City Club in Berkeley, CA. It’s a new comedy about back-stabbing, ass-kissing, and survival of the sneakiest!

“Reduction in Force” was voted “Best Local Play” of 2011 in the Broadway World San Francisco Theatre Awards. Also receiving awards were Gary Graves for Best Director, Jan Zvaifler for Best Featured Actress, and Greg Scharpen for Best Sound Design. Nominations went to John Patrick Moore for Best Featured Actor and Kendra Lee Oberhauser for Best Featured Actress.

The play received a second production July-August 2013 at the Bard’s Town Theatre in Louisville, KY.

The Icarus Wealth Management Group has hit financial whitewater.  Behind closed boardroom doors profits plunge, questionable investments surface, and a crisis erupts.  What’s the solution?  Fire the “little people,” of course!  A reduction in force puts career secretary Anita Green on the chopping block.  Will she keep her job or her self-respect?  An hilarious clusterf*** of backstabbing, ageism, class warfare —- and romance.



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